We have a state of the art surgical facility utilizing the highest quality instruments, anesthesia and anesthesia monitoring equipment to make sure we provide the best care for your pet. Our doctors are masked, capped, gowned and gloved to assure a sterile environment at all times.

We have laser and electrocautery to help make surgical procedures safer, minimize blood loss and decrease post-operative pain.

Anesthesia is a key component to successful surgery. We tailor a specific anesthetic protocol for each pet. Physical examination findings and pre-anesthetic labwork help your pet’s doctor to develop an optimal protocol for your pet.

We perform human standard of care when monitoring your pet under anesthesia. We use the SurgiVet vital signs monitor. This tracks heart rate, respiratory rate; end tidal CO2, percentage of oxygen saturation, blood pressure, body temperature, and electrocardiogram. Each of these parameters help your pet’s doctor to adjust the anesthesia specifically for your pet so that they can avoid problems that can happen from an inappropriate anesthetic depth.

We also place an IV catheter so that medications can be administered in the least stressful fashion possible and emergency drugs can be given if needed. IV fluids are also administered during and after your pet’s anesthesia to maintain blood pressure and perfusion to all parts of their body.

In addition to the above monitoring and safety measures we use the “Bair Hugger”, a warm air blanket device to keep your pet warm during anesthesia.