Here at Trickum Ridge Animal Hospital, we believe that the best care for your pets involves preventing problems before they arise. During our wellness visits we examine your pet from whisker to tail, and everywhere in between. We can evaluate important things like the lungs and heart, monitor dental health and ensure your pet is a healthy weight. We can also discuss and answer any questions or concerns you may have about your loved one’s activity or behavior at home.

As part of the adage “prevention is the best medicine,” we recommend keeping your pets fully vaccinated. We provide pets in Woodstock and the surrounding areas a vaccination schedule that is adjusted for each patient. We base our protocol on your pet’s needs and risk factors so they receive only the necessary vaccines for their personal lifestyle.

Pets age faster than humans, so it is important that they receive regular wellness visits. For our younger patients we recommend yearly examinations, while for our senior patients, we like to see them every 6 months. These regular check-ups allow us to identify and treat problems early on. Please call us to schedule a wellness appointment for your pet today!