Sometimes a physical exam doesn’t provide all the necessary information to determine why your pet isn’t feeling their best. In those cases, our clinic is equipped to provide further diagnostics to give us more information on their health. We have an in-house laboratory where we run blood work to check liver and kidney values, as well as red and white blood cell counts. This allows us to obtain a diagnosis faster so we can immediately begin treatment for your pet.

If we need to take a closer look at your pet internally, our clinic has a digital x-ray machine. We can evaluate bones, heart shape and the GI tract. It is painless and quick and rarely requires sedation. When an x-ray doesn’t provide a final diagnosis, or it may not be the best way to determine what is going on, we provide ultrasonography for patients. Our in-house ultrasound is important for routine or critical cases. If a case requires greater expertise, we have fostered a relationship with an ultrasound specialist who works in the Woodstock and Marietta areas. We can arrange to have him come to our hospital to provide a thorough and complete exam for your pet.