Cutter and Kona Newton

Jackie Landry

Jackie is a very sweet little dog. She’s part Jack Russell. We adopted her from Dog Pack Rescue around 4 years ago and she was 1 year old at the time. As much as we love bringing her to Trickum Ridge Hospital , she does not like going. The staff however is just wonderful with her when she does visit. She has separation anxiety and gets stressed out very easily. She may have been abused and neglected during her first year of life. She’s grown to trust us and always wants to be with us, which makes it very difficult to leave her behind when we can’t take her on our travels. She is absolutely scared of thunderstorms. She will do anything for a morsel of food and is demonstrating this in this picture.

Oreo Landry

Hi, My name is Oreo. Okay, I’m a little over weight weighing in at about 15 pounds, but what else is a cat like myself to do when the food is so good and the naps are endless. I tend to be a little on edge and moody when I have to visit Trickum Ridge Hospital , but the staff doesn’t seem to mind my attitude much. Maybe I need to put on a better act. I was adopted from the Cherokee Human Society around 9 years ago and have been living in paradise since.

Reid Clark

Reid was rescued in February and has been a welcome addition to our two rescues dogs at home and two cats. This is a face you just could never say no to, such a one of a kind, if you meet him you love him. He is a loving and very spirited addition to our family. We look forward to many years of love and companionship from our new family member. We are appreciative to Trickum Ridge for all the love they have shown Reid and know he is also a welcome member of the Trickum Ridge family.

Toby Simmons

Here is my little Toby, a rescued Puppy Mill longhaired Chihuahua who is scared of his own shadow & still is after being with me for over three years. It has taken him three years to even go near my husband, he now sits on the couch with him. He still hides under the bed when company comes. I feel so comfortable bringing him to Trickum Ridge for treatment & spa baths as I know he will be taken very good care of. He now has a Sister Lucy, a rescued longhaired Chihuahua who is helping to bring Toby out of his shell.

Lucy Simmons

Many many thanks to all at Trickum Ridge for all the good care you give my little ones…..especially Dr. Baker & Katie who gives those wonderful spa baths.  Also all of the friendly office staff & Vet techs…..thanks again. Keep up the good work !!!

Shirley Simmons

Gracie Albano

Gracie is a five year old miniature schnauzer that has been coming to Trickum Ridge since she was a puppy. She usually announces her arrival with her cries of excitement until she walks in and realizes where she is then she quickly tries to hide under a chair and disappear! Everyone at Trickum Ridge is very gentle with Gracie and takes great care of her.

Cooper Burden

Allie Burden

We just wanted to send a thank you for always taking such good care of our fur-kids. Cooper and Allie love going to the vet (and seeing Dr. Baker!) everyone treats us and my fur-kids WONDERFULLY! Thanks for everything! Here are a few pictures of the kids laying out on the dog-beach in Clearwater , Florida ! As soon as we got back, they enjoyed a Spa-day at Trickum Ridge! What a great Spring Break and what a great Vet’s office – everyone from the front desk girls to the Doctor’s to the kennel staff – we love ya’ll!!

Love, The Burden’s

Rahab & Jessica Fox with Santa

Callie Anderson

Callie says: “Thank you to the staff and doctors at Trickum Ridge for keeping me healthy.

“Then, she ate a bug.

Jon Anderson


Charlie took part on our Biggest Loser program and lost a whopping 5 lbs. in 2 months! He’s enjoying his dog days of summer as a lean machine!

Missy Gordon

I always know that Missy is well cared for at Trickum Ridge and would not think of going anywhere else! Everyone at Trickum Ridge is very friendly and genuinely caring! Missy and I thank you!


Marsha and Missy Gordon

Oliver and Ellie Eagan

I love Trickum Ridge and would not take my pets any place else. You and Mandy are so awesome and I love Dr. Baker!

Sandra Eagan

Milo & Oliver Phillips

I have adopted the last five of my animals (or they adopted me really), and Trickum Ridge is the best animal hospital all my babies have been to.

Karen Phillips