Dental Health

Dental health is one of the most important aspects of our pet’s care, but it is often overlooked, at least until we notice a foul odor coming from our pet’s mouths. Since dental disease not only causes bad odors, but can cause systemic disease as well, here at Trickum Ridge we strongly believe that pets should get regular dental cleanings. That is why we don’t celebrate dental health month, we celebrate it year round!

To back up that philosophy with actions, we will now be offering a dental discount not just during February but throughout the year. If your pet comes in for an exam and the doctor notices tartar buildup or dental disease, we will recommend a dental cleaning. If that cleaning is scheduled within 30 days, then a 10% discount on ALL the cost of the dental will be applied.

So what goes on during a dental cleaning? We first take x-rays of your entire pet’s mouth. This lets us look under the gum line to look at the health of the roots and the bone surrounding them. We can look for abscesses, broken roots, and resorptive lesions (where the body breaks down the tooth roots and exposes the nerves, ouch!). Then we clean, scale, and polish the teeth. If any of the teeth are too diseased or painful, we will extract them.

Keeping a healthy mouth will keep your pet free of pain, protect their kidneys and heart from constant attacks from bacteria in the bloodstream and will keep their mouth from smelling bad. This is something we feel so strongly about, we’re taking action to keep these mouths happy and healthy.

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